Which Historic Civilisation Ate Parrots? RIF 18

40% of the human race did not survive beyond its 1st birthday The word time is the most commonly used noun in the English language

The human heart pumps enough blood in a lifetime to fill three supertankers The dialling code for Russia is 007 In 2008, a man in Ohio was arrested for having sex with a picnic table The Nazis made it illegal on pain of death for apes to give the 'Heil Hitler' salute In Japan only 2% of adoptions are of children; 98% are adult males aged 25 to 30

Liechtenstein, the world's 6th-smallest country, is the world's largest exporter of false teeth 10% of all the photographs in the world were taken in the last 12 months British spies used to use semen as invisible ink, but they stopped because it began to smell when it wasn't fresh In the 12th century, the Danish army consisted of seven men The ancient Romans discovered parrots could speak and taught them to say 'Hail Caesar'

But when they got bored with this, they took to eating them instead

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