Turtle’s Can Breathe From Their… WHAT!? RIF 14

The Earth is 46 billion years old, if we scale that down to 46 years

Humans have been here for only 4 hours Our industrial revolution began 1 minute ago and in that time we have destroyed more than 50% of the world’s forests Welcome to RIF In 1894 a priest saved a 4 year old boy from drowning, that boy was named Adolf Hitler All the humans on earth could fit into one cubic mile

Goats have rectangular pupils A small percentage of static on televisions is actually radioactive resonance from the big bang 13 billion years ago If there were no space between any of its atoms, Earth would be the size of a baseball Turtles can breathe out of their butts The loneliest tree in the world was hit by a drunk driver

It’s in the Sahara Desert and is the only tree for 400 kilometres in any direction Butterflies eat each other and are therefore cannibals And finally just months before 9/11 the World Trade Center’s lease was privatised and sold to Larry Silverstein Silverstein took out an insurance plan that covered terrorism After 9/11 Silverstein took the insurance company to court, claiming he should be paid double because there were two attacks

He won and was awarded $4,550,000,000

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