These Ancient Relics Are So Advanced They Shouldn’t Exist…

Hello ! Here Thoughty2 In 1902, an archaeologist dive near the coast of the Greek island of Antikythera when he fell on the remains of a vast ship

These were the ruins of a Roman merchant ship whose cargo included large quantities of wine and other precious goods from the Greek islands What the diver discovered was one of the most remarkable sets ancient artifacts that we have never met But, in the middle of the pottery, marble statues and jewels, inside a wooden chest of any appearance, was waiting for an object that historians had never, never seen before A mechanism so amazing that it modified everything we knew about ancient history This highly corroded bronze relic is known as the Antikythera Machine, named after the place of his discovery

But beyond this name, the object remains a complete mystery What we know for sure is who was fashioned by an anonymous Greek scholar there is more than 2,100 years old This strange mechanical device is composed of many gears, switches and other mechanical quirks In front of this discovery, the scientists pulled out their hair to try to deduce where the object came from, who made it, how it worked, and what on earth could he serve? Scientists from around the world examined the device for over a hundred years but nobody did not succeed in piercing this mystery And so, during these last hundred years, the Antikythera machine remained exposed at the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, in Greece

Left in his window, draped in its mystery Until recent years For twenty years, with the help of a whole series of modern technologies, we have been able to understand the secret of this unknown mechanism A group of experts specialized in engineering, archeology, and many other sciences, from different countries, coordinated their efforts to carefully disassemble the device But there was a problem

Because it was such an important object from the historical point of view, the Antikythera machine could not be disassembled in the literal sense So, to observe the layers below the surface, scientists had to use a device extremely precise X-ray Which posed another problem Moon the only machines in the world capable to observe the interior of this marvel of corroded bronze was located in England The relic itself is far too fragile to be moved out of his Athens museum, therefore, it was necessary to transport the huge X-ray machine to Athens, for a considerable cost So the relic could be scanned safely without moving it more than a few meters But the details discovered inside the object amazed all the historians of antiquity of the planet because the technology behind it just should not exist more than two thousand years ago, when it was manufactured

The complex mechanism, analogous to that of a watch, contains 47 different gears in terms of size, shape, and number of teeth Each wheel is forged with precision to fit exactly the others, and his number of teeth is correlated to a prime number What you're looking at, ladies and gentlemen, is the very first computer More than two thousand years before the Apple One, and two thousand years before the cryptological bomb of Alan Turing, it's amazing to think that this is a real computer capable of enter a variable and calculate a result And it was invented, and manufactured, about one hundred years BC about one hundred years BC Thousand five hundred years before achievements apparently much less complex as the printing press, the electric bulb and the steam train, are not invented

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After that, it's only ten dollars a month If you do not like the site, you cancel, there is no risk but, on the basis of my personal experience, I know you will love it You can even learn from the new Skillshare application for smartphones even when you are disconnected from the net But again, only the first five hundred clicks will get two months completely free Using the most advanced technologies at our disposal today, and the collective work of many experts from different fields for years, we managed to prove that the function of this ancient computer was to follow the metonic cycle and to predict solar eclipses

He calculated also the date of different athletic games, like the Olympic Games of antiquity This device should not exist He is so, so much ahead of his time that it is almost impossible to believe that it was manufactured at the time it was By comparison, the first mechanical clock was not invented before the end of the 14th century And she occupied about the volume of a small car

And yet this device manufactured fifteen centuries ago, at the time of ancient Greece, was much smaller, more exact, more rigorously fashioned, and much smarter Because he was not content to give the time, but he could also predict the future in the way software used in contemporary computers The Antikythera machine contains a set of gears, pins and rivets that manage to model the movement of the Sun, of the Moon and planets in the night sky Here is a diagram of logical structures of the Antikythera machine, which shows the function of each wheel If such a device was designed today, it would be impressive already

It is believed than the knowledge needed to design such an advanced device was lost in antiquity Like nothing so sophisticated has been shaped during thousand years after, the mere probability of its existence obviously brought many science fiction writers to pretend that this machine was created by, or was given to us by aliens But the Antikythera machine is not the first or the only artefact that defies the timeline to the point that it is attributed to aliens In 1912, a Polish bookseller named Wilfrid Voynich, during a trip, visit the villa Mondragone in Italy, where he discovered and bought a very old and very mysterious work It does not present title on the cover, nor mention of its author inside

It contains hundreds of pages of illustrations as detailed as weird, and belted with a text written in an unknown language, or maybe a secret code For the rest of his life, Voynich persisted in trying to decipher the code of the book, and its diagrams to try to understand who wrote it, when, and where it was written, and what it could mean Having devoted his life to trying to break through the mystery of the book, Voynich died He had failed to respond to the slightest of these questions The book is now known under the name of "Voynich Manuscript", from the name from his discoverer, and so Voynich's manuscript passed from hand to hand, from one cryptographer to another

American and British cryptographers tried to decipher the manuscript during the First and Second World Wars, without any success It has become one of the most famous codes not yet deciphered history cryptography Even with the most advanced decoding technologies computer-assisted available today, we have not arrived yet to approach the solution Linguists examined the manuscript and concluded that its content is not written in one of the natural languages ​​known in the history of humanity Which leaves only two hypotheses

Or the book is written in one language very old which we have no knowledge elsewhere, lost for a long time, or, other possibility it was written using a number, a secret code used to hide the real content of text This would imply that what is recounted in the Voynich manuscript is of such importance, and of such a scope, that the author felt obliged to painstakingly encode each word Animal leather parchment on which the manuscript is written has undergone a carbon 14 examination The result shows that the book was written between 1404 and 1438 Cryptography was still stammering, at that time

The only effective method to encode messages, known in the 15th century, consisted of substitutions, in which the letters of the alphabet are simply exchanged with each other For a long time, for our modern computers, Deciphering such codes is a breeze In fact, we have deciphered all the codes until the 18th century Well after the supposed time of the writing of the Voynich manuscript And yet, this unique and mysterious book remain, for us, indecipherable

The illustrations represent a range herbaceous plants, as well as women bathing, astrological symbols, and visual metaphors Some of the illustrations inside show a strange resemblance to images of the natural world that no human would have the chance to observe for many more centuries, after the manuscript design For example, this illustration looks like to a galaxy And this illustration is very similar to a plant cell Yet the telescope and the microscope would only be invented two centuries later

Many aspects of this manuscript are, historically speaking, completely unexpected and very ahead of their time This has led many observers to believe that the Voynich manuscript are the memories of an extraterrestrial astray on the planet Earth This would also explain the extraterrestrial appearance language, Yes, I know, it seems that every time the Internet tries to explain something, he evokes the aliens Other theories supported by different academics around the world evoke the possibility that the Voynich manuscript was written by the medieval scholar Roger Bacon or perhaps by the young Leonardo da Vinci But carbon analyzes 14 place the manuscript outside the time when these two men have lived

Many consider that if we could decipher the Voynich manuscript, we would discover the secret of eternal youth Because a lot of the illustrations seem refer to such a promise Others believe it's an alchemy manual containing hundreds of recipes powerful alchemicals lost for centuries But one of the most remarkable aspects of the Voynich manuscript which leaves me completely stupefied every time that by observing it carefully under the microscope, there is no trace of a fault nor an error In more than two hundred and sixty pages, in this mysterious codex, there is no a single indication that suggests that a correction has been made by the author

If we consider that it has several thousand words written in a secret code and that it contains some of the illustrations the most beautiful and accurate traced in a book of that time, especially a masterpiece composed six folding pages, the fact that no mistake has been made by the author is very frankly unbelievable Superhuman, to be honest Today it is preserved in the Beinecke Library, rare books and manuscripts, at Yale This is undoubtedly the most mysterious book extensive collections of the library Regularly, a university professor strives to decipher the book and pierce his secrets

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