The Creepiest Conspiracy Theories (That Could Be True!)

1 HAARP Deep in the wilds of Alaska is a secretive military research programme called HAARP, which stands for High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

The facility consists of an antenna array made up of 360 transmitters This giant array shoots high-power radio frequency beams into the atmosphere, or "Ionosphere" Some speculate HAARP is capable of emitting a signal that has billions of watts in power HAARP can literally move the atmosphere, and create holes in it, miles across HAARP has the power to modify the weather

Many believe HAARP is to blame for a range of natural disasters around the world, including floods, droughts, hurricanes, thunderstorms and earthquakes and it can create earthquakes at any point on the earth by manipulating the magnetosphere Conspiracists believe HAARP is to blame for the recent disasters in Haiti and Japan Some even believe that HAARP has developed the ability to mind control entire populations of people by emitting extremely low frequency waves, adjusting their mental state 2 Lizards The world is run by lizards

English author and ex-BBC reporter David Icke wrote a series of books detailing how the world's most powerful individuals are actually shape-shifting reptilians Belonging to an ancient race of omnipotent lizard-people According to Icke's conspiracy, George Bush and even the entire british royal family are actually "reptilian" lizard people This is widely regarded as one of the least believable conspiracy theories, yet 125 million Americans genuinely believe the world is run by lizard people

3 New World Order (Illuminati) The New World Order A staggering 28 percent of Americans believe in some kind of new world order, where the world will be ruled by a single global government following a mass genocide This supposed new government is currently being built behind the scenes by a group of secretive power elite individuals and has been for centuries The most well known new world order conspiracy is the Illuminati

The Illuminati is an ancient group of omnipotent elites who control every aspect of global affairs from behind the scenes, such as government, religion and culture Supposed members of the Illuminati include: Barack Obama the Pope Queen Elizabeth II George W Bush Jay-Z Bob Dylan Beyoncé Lady Gaga and Jim Carrey But this is just a small selection of the hundreds of important figures who are supposed members of this secret society But wait, there's more the Illuminati is made up of devil worshipping antichrists, yeah When you join the Illuminati you have to sell your soul to the devil, if you try and leave the illuminati you are assassinated, hence Michael Jackson and many other mysterious deaths 4 Denver Airport Denver International Airport is supposedly home to the world's largest underground bunker or city situated right underneath the airport

The bunker is said to house the world's most important figures, AKA, the illuminati and co, in the event of a global disaster such as a nuclear war Denver used to have a perfectly adequate airport located only 6 miles from Denver that everyone was extremely content with

But a new airport was built in 1995 for no apparent reason, there was absolutely nothing wrong with the previous airport The new airport covers 53 square miles which is twice the size of Manhattan! The airport was commissioned at the cost of 17 billion It was finished 2 years late and 31 billion dollars over budget

The airport was privately funded but nobody knows by who There's a very creepy stone in the airport which reads funded by "The New World Airport Commission" Guess what, The New World Airport Commission, doesn't exist! There are creepy murals all over the airport depicting scenes of mass destruction, murder and general bad times This one in particular shows a shadowy figure wielding a scimitar and AK-47, stabbing a dove to death, which is the symbol for piece nice He is emanating a wave of grey smoke killing everything and everyone in its path That is one seriously messed up painting The airport is also filled with disturbing decor, such as a gargoyle coming out of a suitcase, erm yeah, because nothing says "we'll look after your baggage" than this ugly thing

If all that's not enough to welcome you home, how about a satanic red-eyed horse at the entrance The sculpture's artist Luis Jiménez actually died whilst creating it, when it's head fell on him We know there is some sort of large underground structure beneath the airport because five buildings were ordered to be buried underneath the airport during it's construction But nobody knows how deep the rabbit hole actually goes In 2011 when a comet known as Elenin narrowly missed colliding with earth president Obama was conveniently ushered to Denver in time to be sheltered, from what would have been an apocalyptic event, if it had hit

If that doesn't scream suspicion I don't know what does 5 Hidden Oil Reserves Hidden Oil Reserves Many believe there are huge oil and gas reserves around the world, kept secret by the US government and certain nefarious individuals The media keep telling us we are running out of oil to create false scarcity and keep fuel prices high, whereas we actually have access to oil in abundance

Maybe they're saving it all up for the New World Order 6 Chemtrails 156 million americans believe in a conspiracy called "chemtrails", short for chemical trails They believe the pretty white streaks left strewn across the sky when an aeroplane passes overhead actually contain copious amounts of chemicals

Conspiracists believe these chemicals, which of course are put there by the government, have the potential to be used for all kinds of nefarious deeds, from spreading diseases all the way to mind control and Geoengineering 7 Aids is Man Made, created in lab Aids Was Created by the CIA Ever since 1981 when the media reported the first AIDs pandemic, many believe the disease was created in a lab by the CIA to wipe out homosexuals and African Americans, charming Conspiracists believe that the disease was deliberately injected into homosexuals during the hepatitis-B experiments in San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York during 1978

Please note this video should not be taken seriously, it is purely for entertainment purposes and I am not endorsing any of the aforementioned conspiracy theories

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