Is Masculinity TOXIC? (RE: Gillette)

Are you one of 5 in 10 Caucasians that suffers from an embarrassing and debilitating genetic affliction? Can you not leave the house without hitting or raping a woman? Unable to resist the urge to belittle, shame and sexually harass your female colleagues at work? Did you spend your childhood beating the shit out of your friends at barbeques? Do you still spend your social gatherings revealing your spectacular abs and whipping out your member to compare? Then I am afraid, what you feared is true, you suffer from a horrific disease, “maleness” Don’t worry my disgusting, hairy friend, there is a cure

“Anti Man”, proven to reduce your testosterone and eradicate your masculinity within 30 days, or your money back Now with added soya! This is the message that a growing number of gender activists and corporations that wish to adopt a virtuous facade, most recently Gillette, would have us believe But what’s the reality here? Based on social norms that have been developed over thousands of years, underpinned by biology and using empirical evidence I seek to rationalise masculinity and answer an important question, is being masculine bad for society? A good start would be finding out what is masculinity anyway? It is entirely distinct from an individual’s biological sex Sure masculine traits stem from a person’s biological sex, but if we’re getting technical then masculinity itself is a social construct that describes a set of traits innately present in most men The same traits, however, can often be found in women, not always, and often to lesser extremes

The traits of masculinity can also differ slightly between world cultures, but the core traits that define a masculine man are universally consistent What are those traits? Stoicism, resilience, strength, courage, independence and assertiveness Before judging men for being too assertive, occasionally resorting to violence or too stoic for not displaying emotion It’s important to understand where these traits actually come from The traits themselves are not social constructs

Men don’t become masculine just because we tell them that “crying is for girls” and “man up” Masculinity in men may be enhanced or even enforced in certain cultures by social pressures but make no mistake, masculine traits originate from our biology, constructed over a period of 200,000 years Long ago nature’s doctrine of survival of the fittest decided the most efficient way to perpetuate a species through reproduction and ensure its longevity is by dividing each species into two sexes This division is seen across the entire animal kingdom What can also be observed in all animal species and humans are the different roles inherent within each sex

With the exception of the male pregnancy witnessed in the Syngnathidae family of fish, the young of all species are incubated by the female sex It, therefore, makes sense, logistically, that females evolved to have behavioural and physiological traits that are conducive to the healthy development and loving nurture of their young Empathy, emotional awareness, patience and tenderness Obviously, it was also vital that females never put themselves or their young in a situation of danger, so evolution naturally put that onus on the other sex, males Males developed a greater aptitude for physical strength and the natural courage to hunt to provide food for their tribe and women

Men evolved to have aggressiveness, resilience and assertiveness, underpinned by undying competitiveness so they could compete against rival males and protect their tribe from other scarier tribes who had larger, pointier sticks Sure those traits were essential pre-civilisation, but why can’t we get rid of them today through the systematic emasculation of men? Are they not redundant in the 21st century? Don’t such traits cause nothing but toxicity and evil throughout our societies? These are the edicts that many social justice warriors seek to mandate on modern men Masculinity is a shifting social construct, its nature has mutated over the generations Today it is more socially acceptable than ever before in the history of humanity for a man to show emotion and share his feeling with his friends, for a man to cry, for a man to choose another man as a sexual partner and marry him All these are truly amazing and undeniably positive advances towards a better, more harmonic world and none of these things degrades a man’s masculinity

But these are not the traits that authoritarian leftist activists are trying to suppress What is under fire is the more assertive, domineering and tough side that is biologically present in every man, to varying degrees Such traits and the actions which can be associated with them are too often referred to as toxic masculinity The issue here is that so-called “toxic behaviour” is not endemic to masculine men or even men Evil and malice are present across all demographic cross-sections of society

There’s no denying that men commit crime and nobody would claim that either sex is perfect But before shunning masculinity it’s imperative that we understand how dangerous this can be, for one simple reason Masculinity does more good than bad, for everyone, men and women And not just a little bit more good For every bad deed a man commits in the world I would propose that well over a thousand good deeds are carried out by other masculine men, every day

Only a fool would argue that men never do bad In 2014 73% of those arrested in the US were male But to live in a society where the majority of good men are publically shamed for the crimes of the minority of bad men is damaging to the mental health and sense of purpose of men the world over Especially when the underlying and natural biological traits of the male species are being labelled as the cause of all these evils It also pulls all the attention away from the many beautiful things that most masculine men achieve every day, which vastly outnumber the horrendous things a much smaller portion of masculine men do

Do not forget that masculinity was born from a natural desire for men to provide for and protect their family When a man takes his daughter to school, gives her a kiss and wishes her a good day, that is masculinity doing good When a man works over ten hours a day to feed, cloth and shelter his family, that is masculinity doing good When a firefighter rescues a child from a burning building, that is masculinity doing good When a policeman arrests a perpetrator of domestic abuse, rape or murder, that is masculinity doing good

When a young man shields his sweetheart with his jacket when it rains, that is masculinity doing good When a surgeon saves a person’s life through open heart surgery, that is masculinity doing good When Alexander Fleming invented penicillin, saving millions of lives, that was masculinity doing good When millions of brave men gave their lives to prevent fascism and tyranny from engulfing our world in 1914 and 1939, that was masculinity doing good The truth is, trying to control the tiny minority of bad men by quashing masculinity in all men is an exercise in futility and idiocy

Bad men will not stop being bad because they become less masculine, they will only become more frustrated and frustrated people are more likely to commit injustices than content people The result will be fewer good masculine men to stop the bad men and bad women from being bad Masculinity and femininity are the two pillars that underpin a cohesive, progressive and productive society that is beneficial to all Shorten or remove either one of those pillars and society as we know, the society that we’ve built over thousands of years and the society that we’ve protected against tyranny and evil will come crashing down beneath our very feet Yet how does modern society thank these everyday incredible men? They are widely vilified, on social media, in the press, in schools and in popular culture, and now even in advertisements, the historic bastion of greedy capitalism

This has resulted in men committing suicide at three times the rate of women And these men who help build and improve our society every day face other challenges at an alarming ratio Men are twice as likely to be the victim of a violent assault or robbery 35 times more likely to be murdered

96% of workplace fatalities happen to men Men are 56 times as likely as women to be incarcerated 86% of the homeless population is male Boys have been lagging behind girls in educational achievement since 1991, and the gap is widening every year This points to a far more concerning fact, that the increasing shaming of masculinity in schools is causing a crisis in the development of young men Competitive games that are deemed too aggressive such as British bulldog or tag and dodgeball have been long since banned in many school playgrounds in the West

A few schools in Britain are even considering banning the sport of rugby, a fundamental part of masculine development in young boys since 1823 Whilst these games and sports can on rare occasions cause injuries, they play a vital role in developing character and a strong, competitive attitude in young boys that will enable them to, later in life, compete in the workplace and protect their family In fact, competitiveness, which is predominantly a masculine trait, has been mostly eradicated from our schools in the West During sports day and other events, everyone is given a participation award, there is no winner or loser I failed miserably at sports, I finished last on sports day and I wasn’t given a trophy for taking part, I got nothing, and you know what it taught me? That next time I need to try harder, that I would never amount to anything unless I put the effort in and practised, not just in sports, but in every aspect of life

That was one of the most important lessons I have ever learnt In the same way, that over-sanitisation during youth leads to a weak immune system, mollycoddling children is not how strong societies are built, doing so is in reality, a threat to a strong society for the next generation Nowhere is misandry more rife than in Swedish schools Several pre-schools and primary schools in Sweden have gone to extensive efforts to remove the words “boy” and “girl” from the children’s vocabularies, preferring the gender-neutral pronoun “hen” A legal amendment in 1998 legally mandated all schools in Sweden to actively work against gender stereotypes

This all sounds very utopian in theory, but in practice, it is nothing short of brainwashing, that leads to a difficult and confusing progression into teenhood and adulthood for these children They are being taught to ignore basic science, go against the natural biological pull of their own body This will only achieve to create a generation of frustrated, passive men Without being free to indulge in their masculinity in the playground and at home then these boys will grow into men who are unable to compete in the workplace and in personal matters, unable to defend themselves and their family If evidence of this brainwashing were needed then look no further than Seafarer’s Preschool in Sweden

Where boys and girls as young as one are actually segregated so their natural gender roles can be systematically indoctrinated out of them Boys are made to play with toy kitchens and give each other massages Girls are forced to practice shouting “No!” A so-called “gender specialist” is employed by the preschool to pick up on and coerce boys who refuse to partake in feminine activities such as dance Boys are encouraged to wear dresses and the teachers celebrated when one particular girl who used to be “very girlie” according to her mother, was reared by the preschool to become more boisterous and her parents noted that she had become more “cheeky and defiant” at home

Shockingly it was observed that when the children were no longer forced to play with toys typically favoured by the opposite gender that the boys reverted to playing with cars and the girl's dolls The boys shouted and hit more The staff at the preschool says this is not okay Well golly, it’s almost as if their biology compels them to adhere to their natural gender roles and that forcibly preventing them from embracing this is actually child abuse, just a thought An inability to protect his family is not the only issue an emasculated man will face in adulthood

What is just as crucial, is a man’s ability to lead and inspire his family, particularly his children When a masculine presence is stripped away from an otherwise nuclear family unit the consequences can often be disastrous There is no rule that children can't thrive in non-nuclear families, different family setups can absolutely nurture incredible children But looking solely at fatherlessness the statistics show a clear trend Children who grow up without a father figure are twice as likely to drop out of school, twice as likely to become obese and four times as likely to succumb to poverty

They are also more likely to commit crime, go to prison, abuse drugs and alcohol Fatherless girls are seven times more likely to fall pregnant as a teen After all this rhetoric there’s an important distinction that must be made I, myself and I sincerely hope many other men out there have no desire to strip men of their right to choose how they want to develop through life If men want to go against their natural masculinity or even seek to abolish it, then we should all work to protect their rights to do so and me, I say more power to you

But it’s so very important that men have that right to choose Just like freedom of speech, it’s essential that as a society we work to protect a man or a woman’s right to live how they want to live, be who they want to be, walk how they want to, talk how they want to and wear whatever they damn well desire But when it comes to a man’s right to fully embrace and assert his masculinity in a positive way it’s labelled as “sexist male privilege” by the media and the tribal activists on the internet In doing so, a man’s right to choose to embrace masculinity is being eroded more and more so every year That’s why it's vital that when companies such as Gillette seek to tar all men with the same discriminatory brush and suppress our right to embrace our biology, that we fight to retain our rights to be whoever the hell we want to be

Masculinity should be empowered, not shamed and belittled Men everywhere must continue to show the world that overall, masculinity is a force for good, not evil Never be ashamed of your masculinity my hairy friends because it built the roads beneath your feet

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