How Often Is The Pentagon Hacked? RIF 90

If you had purchased the computing power found inside an iPhone 5S in 1992, it would have cost you $356 million

Lenin owned nine Rolls-Royces Humans spend 13% of their lives not focusing on anything in particular Fishing lakes in remote areas of California are stocked by throwing baby trout out of planes flying over the water at 200 mph There is more water in the Earth's core than in all of its oceans Prisoners waiting to be executed on Death Row in America are given a physical beforehand, to ensure they are fit enough to die

Until 1916, cocaine and heroin could be bought over the counter at Harrods Kevin Kadish, the co-writer of “All About That Bass”, has only received $5,679 from 178 million plays of the song on streaming services That's roughly $000003 per stream In 117 ad, Emperor Hadrian declared attempted suicide by soldiers, a form of desertion and made it a capital offence

The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus attempted to cure a serious illness by lying in the sun covered in cow dung He died the following day Prison inmates in Chile have better mental health than the average American The theoretical process of knocking a meteoroid of course with a nuclear explosion is called an 'X-ray slap' Four million years ago, rats in South America were the size of hippos

The Pentagon is successfully hacked 250,000 times a year, and unsuccessfully hacked 10 million times a day A whole orange will float on water, but it sinks if you peel it Stephen Hawking was born exactly 300 years, to the day, after Galileo died

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