How Much Caffeine Can Kill? RIF 45

The world's oldest living thing is a patch of Mediterranean sea-grass between Spain and Cyprus It is estimated to be 200,000 years old

Paul McCartney is the only musician who has topped the charts as a solo artist, in a duo, in a trio, in a quartet and in a quintet Americans eat 500 million pounds of peanut butter a year, enough to coat the floor of the Grand Canyon + Manchester United is the most hated brand in Britain and the 7th most hated in the world + When we blush, our stomach lining goes red too 90% of the bullets bought by the Ministry of Defence are used for training purposes

A lethal dose of caffeine is about 50 double espressos A father hired other gamers to kill his son in video games, so that he would stop playing video games and get a life Crocodiles can climb trees Some pigs suffer from mysophobia, the fear of mud A study in Texas invited people to taste wine labeled France, California and Texas

Nearly all the tasters ranked French as the best, but in fact all three were the exact same Texan wine President Obama's secret-service nickname is 'Renegade' Ronald Reagan's nickname was 'Rawhide', Bill Clinton's was 'Eagle' and George W Bush was known as 'Trailblazer' Red Bull was originally called Red Water Buffalo

Every time he made a cup of coffee, Beethoven counted out exactly 60 beans to make sure it was always exactly the same strength Areas of the Moon include the Ocean of Storms, the Marsh of Decay and the Lake of Death By law, buskers in Dublin must have a repertoire of at least 20 songs India has almost 155,000 post offices: more than any country in the world and almost twice as many as China

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