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Do you ever hear a noise, not a bump in the night but a hum, a mysterious, constant and very low frequency noise? If so, you may be one of an estimated 2% of the global population that can hear “The Hum” The Hum is the name given to an ominous and very mysterious deep-rumbling noise that can reportedly be heard by thousands of individuals across the globe

It apparently sounds like a very low-pitched rumbling sound, kind of like a diesel-engine truck idling in the distance But no matter how hard people search no one has been able to locate the source of the sound, it sounds like it’s coming from all directions equally Some even say it comes from the sky This is a recording of The Hum made in Taos, New Mexico For some The Hum causes headaches and nosebleeds

It drives others completely insane, with at least one suicide being attributed to The Hum It’s usually heard in specific towns around the globe for several months or years before it disappears and for some people it never goes away The first documented occurrence of the Hum was in Bristol in the UK, in the 1970s A local newspaper asked Bristol city residents “Have you heard the Hum?” and over 800 people said they had Since then residents from hundreds of towns and cities from all over the world have reported hearing the Hum and always describe the sound in a similar manner

Some of the more notable locations, where up to 12% of the population have heard the noise, are Taos – New Mexico, Largs – Scotland and Auckland – New Zealand Reports of the Hum have become so great that a website has been created where people can report their experience with The Hum and you can view a map of all the reported cases The Hum has even been linked to terrorism In 2013 Aaron Alexis shot and killed twelve innocent people at the Washington DC Navy Yard Police later found the following message on his computer “Ultra low frequency attack is what I’ve been subject to for the last three months

And to be perfectly honest, that is what has driven me to this” This and other evidence led conspiracy theorists to conclude that the Hum is a government attack or experiment being used on citizens to alter their state of mind They believe the government generates the Hum using satellites Other’s say the HAARP project in Alaska is to blame But Illuminati and Lizard Men aside, has science been able to find a reason for the Hum? What is the cause? Have animals learnt how to hum and are playing a gigantic practical joke on us puny humans

Is God bored? Or is it just tinnitus? The Hum is most commonly heard by people aged between 55 and 70, so one instantly thinks it’s the medical condition tinnitus, you know how your granny is always complaining about a ringing noise that isn’t actually there? Except for that one time you turned her hearing aid to maximum, that was pretty bad But if the cause was tinnitus shouldn’t the spread of people who’ve reported hearing the Hum be evenly distributed across the globe? After all, tinnitus doesn’t favour certain regions But the Hum is usually reported by clusters of people around specific locations Also, new research carried out recently in Cambridge, England suggests that the source of the Hum is external not internal, which is what Hum sufferers have always argued People have also blamed the following things for causing the Hum: Traffic, local factories and heavy machinery, leaking pipes, phone masts, wind farms, submarine communication systems, UFOs and even mating fish – hundreds of Southampton residents who could hear the Hum were told it was being caused by a school of mating Midshipman fish who make this eerie sound, to try to attract a female

Okay that single incident with the horny fish could have been a genuine cause of the Hum, but the other potential causes have mostly been disproven However new research has suggested that microseismic activity from ocean waves impacting the sea bed causes our planet itself to vibrate in certain areas around the globe, causing a low-frequency droning sound Researchers say that this sound is such a low frequency that only a small percentage of the population would be able to hear it This ocean-based answer also explains why the Hum is more commonly heard in costal towns So for some this answer has finally settled their life-long quest to locate the source of their annoying, ear-penetrating friend

But for other Hum sufferers who disbelieve this explanation, their search continues Thanks for watching

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