10 Surprising Facts About: Electricity

1 The sun radiates more energy in 15 minutes than humans use every year around the world

If only we could find a way to channel the sun's energy more efficiently 2 You can make electricity from anything Light, wind, water and even animal manure The most common way of producing electricity around the world is by burning coal

3 In the early 1900s christmas lights were so ridiculously expensive that they were often rented instead of sold If you had lights at christmas, it was a big status symbol 4 A single bolt of lightening can contain up to 3 million volts, that's enough electricity to serve over 200,000 homes

Also lightening can be up to five times hotter than the surface of the sun 5 Electricity is lazy, it will find the quickest path to the ground Did you know that electricity can "jump", it can literally leap across a distance to find the nearest source of earth The higher the voltage the further it can jump

This is why you have to be super careful around live wires and power sockets 6 Your heart works on electricity Muscle cells in the heart are contracted by electricity that passes through it Electrocardiogram or ECG machines, AKA heart rate monitors, used in hospitals work by measuring how much electricity is going through the patients heart

This causes the erratic movements of the line you see on screen 7 Electricity can be used to create the world's most powerful magnets, commonly known as electromagnets 8 Iceland was the first ever country to produce all of its electricity from renewable sources

Go Iceland! 9 Electricity travels at the speed of light, that's more than 186,000 miles every second 10 But what actually is electricity? It's the flow of charged particles, electrons and protons, around a closed circuit Electricity cannot flow if a circuit is not a complete loop

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